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F-35 Pilot Ejects from $100M Jet Over South Carolina in Weather-Related Incident

In a recent incident that garnered attention, a pilot ejected from a $100 million F-35 fighter jet over South Carolina, citing adverse weather conditions as the cause of the unexpected ejection. While military officials are still referring to the incident as a “malfunction,” sources and experts have provided insights into the circumstances surrounding the pilot’s […]

AI-Powered Humanoid Robot “Mika” Serves as CEO of Polish Drinks Company Dictador

In an unprecedented move, the CEO of Polish drinks company Dictador is not a human but an AI-powered humanoid robot named Mika. This groundbreaking development signals a shift in corporate leadership dynamics as Mika claims to work tirelessly, seven days a week, without the need for weekends. Mika, the AI boss, shared her relentless work […]

Apple’s New iPhone 15 Embraces USB-C, but Stuck with USB 2.0 Speeds

Cupertino, CA – In a long-anticipated move, Apple has introduced USB-C connectivity to its latest iPhone 15, ending the 16-year era of its proprietary Lightning port. However, the excitement over the adoption of USB-C has been dampened by revelations that the regular iPhone 15 model is limited to the relatively sluggish USB 2.0 speeds, while […]

WhatsApp Initiates Cross-Platform Messaging Development in Response to EU Regulation

In response to recent European Union regulatory mandates, WhatsApp has reluctantly embarked on the development of cross-platform messaging features, marking a pivotal moment in the tech giant’s evolution. The European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) recently identified six major tech companies, including WhatsApp’s parent company, Meta, as gatekeepers subject to increased scrutiny and compliance requirements. […]

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