“Shot & Forgot” Vintage Photography Series Reunites Families with Lost Memories

Austin, September 30th- “Shot & Forgot,” the acclaimed vintage photography series created by artist Dan Rodo, has delivered another heartwarming episode. This instalment brings together 50 boxes of family photographs mistakenly sold at auction with their original owners. “Shot & Forgot” is renowned for its unique blend of historical preservation and emotional storytelling, unearthing the […]

Audiobook Voice Over Artist For Hire, Audible Narration & Production Update

Full-service writer’s marketplace, “Write My Wrongs”, announces that its updated audiobook production and narration services can be used for both paperbacks and e-books. More details can be found at https://writemywrongs.co/audiobooks The new services are designed to be as seamless as possible. Authors simply have to create their audiobook account and upload the PDF file of […]

MetalNRG “putting the past behind it” with renewed focus on mining

–News Direct– MetalNRG PLC (LSE:MNRG) Executive Director Rolf Gerritsen speaks to Thomas Warner following a flurry of announcements from the natural resources investing company, which he suggests amount to MetalNRG "putting the past behind [it]." The company has this week published not only a half-year report but also an update on its strategic business review, […]

RC365 Holding to continue expanding in Southeast Asia after creating Malaysian subsidiary

–News Direct– RC365 Holding PLC (LSE:RCGH) has announced the incorporation of a new, wholly owned subsidiary in Malaysia by the name of RC365 Solutions SDN. Regal Crown Technology Ltd Vice President of Information Technology KC Chua and Vice President of Production Management Yun Seong Yu speak to Thomas Warner from Proactive about the rationale for […]

Berry Beachy Swimwear is Redefining Swimwear Fashion with Inclusivity and Empowerment

Berry Beachy Swimwear is fast gaining popularity by challenging industry norms and promoting body positivity. Miami, FL, USA — In the realm of swimwear fashion, Berry Beachy Swimwear has emerged as a prominent force, embracing diversity and inclusivity as its core values. Founded by Robert Gonzalez and Melanie Gonzalez, proud Miami natives, Berry Beachy is […]

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